My certifications

Quality assurance

Trust => Safety and serenity. To trust an instructor is a necessary condition in order to choose a scuba diving course. Beyond the titles I put my face on it! Verify my membership and teaching status as a PADI Professional Member just inserting my member n. 332298 in the check box here.

PADI Leadership PADI OWSI Patch

30_openwater_diver_inst Open Water Scuba Instructor

credential EFR Instructor

credential Care for Children w/AED Instructor

PADI Specialty Course Instructor

65_EnrichedAir_dvr_inst Enriched Air Instructor

59_Deep_dvr_inst Deep Instructor

62_drysuit_dvr_inst Dry Suit Instructor

83_Wreck_dvr_inst Wreck Instructor

credential Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor

77_Peak_perf_bouy_inst Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor

76_aware_spec_inst Project AWARE Instructor

80_Aware_coralreef_cons_inst AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty Instructor

DAN Europe Qualification

DAN_Research_icon DAN Research Diver

  Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Program Level 1

AMP “Punta Campanella”

 Official underwater guide of the Protected Marine Area “Punta Campanella” – Italy

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